Short Keys


– Show/Hide GridFitted Outline: ‘o’

– Show/Hide Resulting Bitmap: ‘B’

– Show/Hide Pixel Grid: ‘G’

– Show/Hide Pixel Centers: ‘c’

– Show/Hide Waterfall and Enlarged Glyph Preview in Glyph Window: ‘P’

– Increase Pixel Size: ‘+’

– Decrease Pixel Size: ‘-‘



– Switch Horizontal/Vertical Axis: ‘v’ and ‘h’

– Align Tool: ‘a’

– Single Link Tool: ‘s’

– Double Link Tool: ‘d’

– Interpolation Tool: ‘i’

– Middle Delta Tool: ‘m’

– Final Delta Tool: ‘f’

– Select/Edit Tool: ‘t’


Tools Parameters:

– Toggle Alignment Type (Align): ‘A’ 

– Toggle Round Distance:  ‘R’ (or hold shift wild placing the command to force Round Distance)

– Toggle Stem: ‘S’


In the Glyph Window, holding ‘alt’ (Option) while placing a command will display the Editing PopOver Window where you can tune the command’s parameters.

Right-Click a command will display a PopUp menu where you can delete the command, convert single to double (and vice-versa), and revert the direction of a single link.