The Tools

  • Align (short key ‘a’):


This is the most basic tool. It will align a point to the pixel grid according to the ‘Alignment’ presets. If the clicked point is in a Zone (see Zones Settings), the command will automatically be set to a Zone Align. You can toggle the Alignment Type via short key ‘Shift-A’

  • Single Link (short key ‘s’):


The most useful: links two points with a specific behavior defined in the presets. Presets:

–  ‘Alignment’ defines if the destination point will be aligned (and how) to the grid or not. (Toggle short key ‘Shift-a’)

– ‘Stem’ defines whether a a typical CVT Stem (see Stems Settings) will be used to control the distance between the two points.  (Toggle short key ‘Shift-s’)

– Round Distance’ will just round the distance to the closest pixel integer value with a minimum of 1.  (Toggle short key ‘Shift-r’)

‘Round Distance overrides Stem and Align settings, and if a Stem is selected it overrides Align settings.

  • Double Link (short key ‘d’):


Similar to ‘Single Link’ but simpler. It links two points and rounds the distance to the pixel grid, or uses a CVT Stem to make the rounding if a ‘Stem’ is selected (Toggle short key ‘Shift-s’).

  • Interpolation (short key ‘i’):


Involves three points; it interpolates the position of a point according to the position of two reference points. Choose an Alignment type (Toggle short key ‘Shift-a’) to define how the interpolated point will behave; Click-and-drag between the first reference point and the point to be interpolated, and finally click the second reference point.

  • Middle Delta & Final Delta (short keys ‘m’ and ‘f’):


A powerful tool to adjust the grid fitted outline more precisely at a specific size, or size range. It can be used on OFF curve points too. ‘Delta Offset’ is an integer between -8 and 8 (in /8th of pixel) and represents the distance the point will be moved to. ‘Middle Deltas’ are applied before the final interpolation of the outlines (thus move the outline) while ‘Final Deltas’ are applied after (thus move only the point).

There you can also make the delta ‘raster-sensitive’ so that it applies only to Monochrome, or Grayscale and Subpixel, or both.

  • Select/Edit (short keys ‘t’):


Click an existing command with this tool to display a PopOver window that allows you to modify all the parameters of the command. This functionality can also be accessed with holding the Alt (Option) key while placing a command, or with any tool.