Getting Started

TTH shows up as an additional button in your ToolBar:


Before starting using TTH, you will need to have a proper UFO file with Quadratic (TrueType) outlines.

For that you may use the extension that will create a new Quadratic UFO from a Cubic (PostScript outlines) file. Also available through Mechanic.

Make sure that your UFO can generate without error into a .ttf font because TTH will use a temporary .ttf file to preview outlines and bitmaps.

Once TTH activated the the main window pops up:


It is from there that you will be able to select and set up the hinting tools.

Click on the gear button and this menu will appear:


• ‘Monochrome’, ‘Grayscale’, and ‘Subpixel’ define the rasterizer preview.

• ‘Preview’, ‘Program’ and ‘Assembly’ are additional windows.

• ‘Control Values’ is a sheet where you must set up parameters of your font such as CVT stems, alignment zones, etc.